Male Circle Jerk/Mutual masturbation Blog

A blog for guys that love to masterbate with other males!!!


The first thing you should do before reading or getting interested in this blog is to look up the word circle jerk. And the outrageous definition you may find is the one that is being blogged here. It is for males that are not gay, but enjoy mutual masturbation between only males in a group or just 1 on 1. This blog was started by me, because I feel that you do not have to be considered gay or homosexual to enjoy watching other men masturbate and watch them reach orgasm. I also want this blog to be a good resource for all on masterbation techniques, stories, pictures, and anything else that has to due with male mutual masterbation. It is a beautiful, beautiful thing. I believe that almost every male out there has had a “gay experience” There is nothing wrong with you. Please share. This is my first blog, so if anyone has tips for me or wants to help me make this blog the best, please email me. I hope more males will come out and share stories and pictures in good taste. Thank you! Hope to here from you real soon!!!

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