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Hello world!

Posted by circlejerkmale on February 10, 2008

Welcome to Circlejerkmale Weblog

I want to say hi to all the brave males out there that enjoy mutual masturbation between males. I believe it is a safe and effective way

for us males, married or in a relationship, or not, to let off some sexual tensions. The great thing for me is I don’t consider it cheating. But again it is up to you to decide. I know were I stand. Please share and be open minded and think back possibly in your early childhood or mid-life and think of a male-male encounter you may have had sexual or not that makes you wonder. This is the start of a beautiful journey that brings you closer to a fulfilled life, friendship wise and sexual wise. I hope to read your comments soon, and tell you other male friends about this blog. Please let others know to post anything that has to do with male only masterbation techniques or circle jerks in your area.

Tony L..founder of circlejermale web blog

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